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There is virtually no limit. Some of our floatie designs are as big as houses. We’ve taken up entire city blocks with some of our floaties. Whatever you want to build, we can make it happen! Just keep in mind that larger designs will naturally take longer to complete and require more power to keep inflated. We will provide all the necessary pumps and blowers for your custom inflatable.

Don’t worry! We use a special UV-resistant ink for our custom pool floaties, so they last longer and keep looking fresh all summer long. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to properly store your inflatables when not in use to prevent accidental damage. (We once saw a family of racoons ruin a whole set of beach toys overnight. Keep your inflatables safe!)

The process is simple! Most of our custom pool floaties are very easy to inflate with a single person. Larger inflatables that require a constant air blower may require additional help to roll up or carry (for example, if you order a large inflatable haunted house, you may want to ask a friend for help).

Always clean and dry your inflatable when you’re finished using it. Roll it up tightly to remove the air and prevent loose fabric from hanging out. Store it in a climate controlled storage area, off the ground and away from water, heat, and other hazards. Do not place other items on top of your custom inflatables.


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